meet the maker

Hi! I’m Chelsea, the OG maker behind Bend & Snap. I have three children, Malya, Mika, and Dax. I am passionate about Small Shops, particularly those that relate to children items. I am an avid coffee drinker; a Taylor Swift listener; and a wine lover.

Fun Facts about me:

  • I am left handed for 70% of life tasks, and I’m never super-duper sure which hand I’ll use for what. I know for sure that I use my right hand to cut with scissors, and my left hand to write; the rest is a toss-up.
  • My middle baby was 11.1lbs, and I cannot and will not stop telling people about it.
  • My partner and I were in Kindergarten together, and his grandmother has a photo of us sitting next to each other from 1989 hanging in her hallway.

about my shop

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been creating. If you’re from Cornwall, chances are you know my dad, who is a woodworker. I remember spending my evenings in his workshop, just amazed that he could create anything out of a seemingly nothing. My dad always encouraged me to express myself through making.

Making bows was something that I did for my own daughters -- I never thought I would be selling them. My initial goal was to create something small, simple, elegant, and affordable. I’ve always had a love for smaller hair accessories, and found it difficult to find shops that offered this type of product.

I knew how easy it would be to purchase a bow pattern to trace, but I wanted to go beyond that. I wanted to create something original to my shop, so I took out a pencil and paper, and drew the shape from scratch. I tweaked it several times. It took weeks to design something that I loved. I am proud to say that 90% of our products are designed by myself, and exclusive to our shop!