Bend and Snap

Bar Clips - 30mm // 45mm // 55mm


These Bar Clips are available in three sizes: 

Tiny: Measures 30mm, and is perfect for babies or young children with fine hair. 

Regular: Measures 45mm,  is perfect for any age, holds more hair than the Tiny Bar Clip. 

Large: Measures 55mm, is perfect for young children to adults, depending on the look that you're going for. Please see the second photo to see a 5 year old wearing this size.

They can be worn separately; stacked, or worn as a pigtail set. They have a very strong grip and can hold a significant amount of hair. 

All of them (other then the colourful stripes) are made of a high quality vegan leather lined on a gold alligator clip with teeth. The colourful striped clip is made of a chunky glitter fabric that does not shed.

- Placement of pattern will vary

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